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PIA Southern Alliance recognizes the need to provide its members with value, scale, and advantages they cannot find anywhere else. We also recognize the need for simplicity and ease of doing business. By offering a premium financing solution, PIA can help members capture revenue and improve their bottom line. This simplified funding program will strengthen the membership offering, providing members with a premium financing vehicle they need to support their clients.

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For more information on Premium Financing, contact:
Amanda Bautista
Director of Products & Services
Phone: 770.921.3278

Bruce Mackinson

Utilizing Professional Agents Funding, PIA Southern Alliance members enhance customer experience with financial flexibility. Combined with PIA endorsed Input 1 Payments, they offer a seamless and secure digital payment solution, supporting credit/debit card and ACH payments. Leveraging these technologies maximizes customer budgets, reduces up-front costs, and ensures policy compliance. We're excited to work with PIA and their members, delivering the highest level of service to insureds.

Bruce Mackinson, Business Development Officer